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Construction Services: Extensions & Conversions

Extensions & Conversions

Many people in today’s economic climate are frightened by the big difference in value between their current property and the next step up. It could be the difference between a three and four bedroomed house, or maybe you would like to work from home and are in need of a study. Or you just might desire a large Dining Kitchen with a sitting area, where all the family can get together for those everyday quality moments. Often when you consider the costs involved in having an extension it can be  a more sensible than moving home and often less stressful!! If that is the case for you, Home Fit UK can give you what you want. We will manage the design process if you haven’t an Architect on board, deal with  Planning and Building Control and then provide all the services and trades to ensure your project is completed to the highest standard as possible, with the least disruption to you and your family. In addition giving you excellent value for money and an extension that is affordable as well as the potential for adding considerable value to your property. With over 30 years experience, you’ll get the service and quality you deserve. If you are planning or considering and extension, let us talk with you and give you a fixed price.

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